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Complete dentures, also referred to as “Full Dentures” are made when there are no remaining natural teeth.

A partial denture replaces one or more missing natural teeth and is customized to a patient’s individual needs.

An immediate denture is an excellent alternative to being without teeth. When your natural teeth are removed, dentures are inserted immediately after.

Relining consists of adding new material to the tissue side of the denture. This process aids in refitting loose dentures caused by healing or resorption. However relining does not change any wear on the denture teeth.

Over time, your mouth undergoes inevitable changes.
Following tooth loss, your jaw bone and gum will continuously shrink, which will affect the fit of your denture over time.

A professionally fitted mouth guard will provide the best protection for your teeth. They are also less bulky and are better fitting than a store bought mouth guard.

If you currently wear dentures and are experiencing pain, discomfort or difficulties chewing, dental implants may be a solution for improving your quality of life.